familliar faces

Last weekend was E’s class reunion. It was so great to meet some of his old friends and reconnect with others.

  • I got to meet the fabulous Ken & Denise Hawk for the first time. They were just as much of a joy in real life as they are on facebook. They are the kind of friends that make you want to be more like them so you can be a better person. Inspiring is not a big enough word.
  • We got to hang out with Dave & Debbie. I worked with Dave in the MSC and have known him longer than I’ve known E. Debbie went to St. Joseph Elementary with E and they’ve know each other almost their whole lives. Dave & Debbie met ~8 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. Dave & I had a blast swapping war stories about the people we hated working with. Kevin P. J. & David “P” C., I’m talking about you, you bastards.
  • We got to reconnect with Tommy & Lisa. They live here in Austin and we haven’t made any plans to see them in the 14 months we’ve been here. Shame on us! But, now the plans are ready to take some kind of form and shape. yay!

It’s fun to go to E’s reunion and hang with people I consider to be my own friends, too.

At lunch on Friday, from across the room, we saw who we thought might be another friend (who used to live in Austin). He works undercover in Houston, now. If it was him, the disguise is working. 🙂 Funny that we’d almost run into him in College Station.

Then, today, at Dream Dinners, I kept staring at one of the women there. I looked at her name tag on her freezer shelf and it started to come back. By the time I put it all together, I was in the car and on my way home. I doubt she’d have remembered me, anyway. I was friends with her Advisor when I worked in Student Activities. The funny thing, I remember how much grief she caused, not the good she did. Maybe it’s best that I didn’t introduce myself!

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