Cycle of Friendship

We have a set of friends with whom we are very close. We thought we’d lost them at one point, but we were wrong. They are still a vibrant (albeit too infrequent, of course) part of our lives.

We have other friends we communicate with on an infrequent basis. We know that–regardless of distance of “time and space” [1]–they are dear friends.

Still, others come-and-go in our lives. We may lose touch for one reason or another. Technology is advantageous at this point. One benefit of linkedin/facebook is that we can reconnect with some of them.

So, imagine my surprise when a friend from several years ago sent me a message on linkedin…and lo and behold…she lives in Austin!

From ~2000-2005 I worked on a committee with L. I adored her and everything she brought to the program we supported. She got out when I should have. In hind-sight, I admire her for that, too.

Long-story-short, when we realized we were in the same city and both had flexible schedules, we started co-working. So far, I have been the one who is helpful, but she’s already scolding me for not letting her return the favor. I don’t care; she has a deadline that I do not. Plus, I know she’s good for it. 🙂 She and I hold the same value of balance. Come to think of it, I need to see if she’s also a Libra-now-Virgo. (Zodiac changes or not, I still crave my balance.)

I’m glad to see that our professional-with-waves-of-personal friendship from several years ago can be completely resurrected now that we are both entrepreneurs who can help one another. Expect some grand things from AYW, now that I have her help!

[1] that one is for you, LL1

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