The Pong

I have several friends with whom I could talk for hours upon hours. Usually, it’s because we haven’t seen each other in days/weeks/months and there is much to share. Sometimes, it’s just the drama that has unfolded in the last ~24 hours since we talked before.

These talks always meander and wander from one topic to the next and sometimes come back to the original story with an, “Oh! so I didn’t finish the story about…” It’s always been a natural flow of conversation.

Sometimes, the topic change is random. Sometimes, it’s an Ack!-I-have-to-interrupt-to-tell-you-this-before-I-forget moment.

Years ago, Jessica and I nick named these sudden topic changes ping-pong… or pong for short.

Recently, facebook “ponged” at me!

Facebook Goes Pong, too

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