Mini-vacay Day Three

On the last day of our Mini-vacay, we were forced to get up early and check out of our cabin so we could make…

The morning Gorge tour was a bit early for me: 9am. The people there were clearly more “morning” than I am. But, with the help of caffeine, and after we finished the initial information and started the hike, I was ready.

In 2002 a massive flood hit Canyon Lake. In one day, they got their entire rainfall for a year: 34″. The extreme power through the overflow unearthed a gorge full of our planet’s history. The water flowed approximately 7 feet above the overflow (remember, there is a dam, too!) and then continued flowing about six weeks. The sound of that much water was described as several 747 airplanes taking off at the same time…and the water kept flowing for ~6 weeks!

Between hiking and learning, our tour lasted almost four hours. If you are ever in the area, the tour is a MUST DO! Tickets are only $10 and you only need 24 hours notice to sign up.


We had enjoyed the Lucky Sailor marina restaurant so much, we decided to try their “sister” and had lunch at Lucky’s Kitchen. meh. Once again, I’m reminded of how much I love Austin.

I-35 is always a “guess”, so we headed home back through the back roads that led us to Canyon Lake. This time, we drove through a little more of Wimberly. What a cute little town. We will have to go visit it one of these days!

At home, E napped (surprise) while I took care of a few business tasks.

Our vacation commenced with The Princess Bride Quote-Along at the Alamo Drafthouse with B. Best movie experience EVER! SO much fun. As we entered the theater, they gave us blow up swords, bells, and bubbles. They pulled a couple up on stage for a movie-themed trivia duel and gave away Alamo passes to a future show. We were then instructed to ring the bells for any kisses/love, blow bubbles during the wedding scene, stand up and spin in our spots when Westley rolls down the hill, and play along with the swords during the fighting scenes. While most of us were quoting lots of lines of the movie, the first official quoted line on screen was none other than, “AYW…” I can’t WAIT for them to host a Quote-Along for When Harry Met Sally and Legally Blonde!

2 thoughts on “Mini-vacay Day Three

  1. The gorge looks fan-freaking-amazing. I want to give it a look sometime, when that mythical free time shows up. In July. Wait, maybe we’ll put that off for after the summer.

    And that was the best Quote-Along EVER. So. Much. Fun!! I was so proud of the hubs for knowing any of it and having fun. And I lurved it. Hell, I’d have had fun all by myself, but seeing it with a crew of people who loved it (ie, you. and maybe E.) was the icing on the cake.

    • The gorge was awesome. I don’t recommend it in terribly hot (or cold) weather. October would be great. April was perfect. 🙂

      Thanks and agreed. E did love it. He knows the movie almost as well as I do. After all, it was his idea to name my wedding photography business AYW! 😉

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