(Local) Celebrity Sighting and the Power of a Voice

First, I noticed her dog. She anchored his leash to a signpost in the shade. After she got a snack inside, she sat at the next table bringing him to her side. He’s a very sweet pit bull mix who politely greets everyone and only wants to make friends.

Then, when she greeted her friend, her voice sounded familiar.

Then, I realized that her accent is British. (funny how this is the third thing I noticed).

Then, I wondered, could it be Deb from the Jason & Deb morning show on 101x? [1] But, I didn’t want to eavesdrop, and I had work to do.

A while later, I heard her tell someone the dog’s name: Blue.

Yep, I was right. It WAS her.

I never know celebrities when I see them in magazines or on TV. I can recall characters and show names, but never actors or other celebrities.

Since she’s in radio, I hear/listen to her but never see her. …yet I recognized her right away.

The power of a voice… especially one so likeable. [2]

On the off chance that Jason/Deb/others from 101x find this post….LOVE the show! Deb’s I Love You and Does Deb Know Stuff are my two faves!

[1] 101x and I don’t share the same music tastes, so I never listen to the station except for the morning show. I’m glad Bobby Bones is a douche, Lunchbox is an ass, and Amy is a ditz. If they’d been decent at all, I’d never have found Jason and Deb!
[2] Full disclosure: she one of the only British things/people I like. I don’t care for their food, their humor, most of their TV shows [3], or their teeth. 🙂 Deb is funny and down-to-Earth.
[3] Coupling and The IT Crowd are it for me.

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