Never Travel Without a Swimsuit

No, friends, there is not a naked moment in this story; get your minds out of the gutter. (Heh, I can’t even type that without laughing.)

So, for a music pseudo-contest in high school, I didn’t take a suit with me on the day trip. The park we were to attend—yeah it was a real tough contest—had a pool, but it wasn’t yet open for the season. Thus, I didn’t see any logic in taking a suit.

On the way there, I found one friend and made another. They brought their suits (and books and headphones) to this boring park. So, I was the dork laying out in the sun–back when that was cool–in my shorts and tshirt pulled up and tucked in as far as possible. I felt like such an idiot. I could have brought a suit to change into. My friend C, a future Homecoming Queen, was really sweet and gave me a jacket or shirt or something to put down on the grass since I didn’t have a towel either.

So: Never. Again.

Since that event, I have never traveled without a swimsuit. You never know when a pool will be heated.

On another high school trip—in the winter—a group chaperone[1] saw a group of us swimming and then actually asked, “Is that pool heated?” Being the resident smart ass of the group, I countered with, “Do you see the steam coming off the water?” and then did a couple of flips in the water.[2] With our students (and now friends: B & L) on the Alternative Spring Break trip, we stopped at Ft. Stockton on the way back. With AM’s advice, we picked a certain hotel with an indoor pool/hottub in their atrium. So, our stop was a nice reward for all our hard work during the week.

I was reminded of all this on our trip to DFW last summer. While it was certainly warm enough for outside swimming, the pool and hot tub at our hotel were both indoors. I never considered they would be, but it makes sense. It was a corporate/office park area of town littered with business-friendly hotels and chain restaurants. The pool was designed for doing laps, not for getting a tan. So, it could be the next “Blizzard of the Century”[3] and I’d have a suit…and then I’d be set for some laps and some flips and some splashes and, in this case, some time in the hot tub and dry sauna, too.

Now, my next mission is to find a swim up bar. Austin is bound to have one (or ten).

[1] Gawd she was dumb-diddy-dum-diddy-dum-dum-dum. And, annoying. She’s the same mom that followed the school-sponsored hayride with her lights on bright. GASP. High school kids might kiss on a hayride? The horror! It’s not like anyone was going to take anything off on a cold night and on a flat bed trailer with 30 other kids there. Did I mention she was stupid? Yeah, she was “that” mom on a high school trip. …and she hated being called out. 🙂 tee hee hee
[2]I’m pretty sure that was our trip to Hattiesburg, MS. In February. I don’t remember our performance or anything else about that trip, but I remember that pool! *swoon*
[3] I was in the “Blizard of the 20th Century,” on an Alternative Spring Break trip, no less!

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