Discount Codes and Industry Ethics

I can’t blog about this on my AYW sites, but oh how I’d love to!

I’m facebook friends with a local industry professional. Her business is pretty well known in the wedding industry. She’s pricey.

She “facebooked” this week about how the vacation deal she wanted to use fell through because “the code was shut down early” and asked where else she should go.

a) Um. They probably didn’t take it down early. It was probably only good for a few spots and those sold out before you booked. That’s how discounted travel works.

Among a bunch of other comments, I suggested Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, knowing she has little ones. Turns out, that’s where she had planned to go, but “they wanted an extra $400 without the code.”

b) So, a vacation, that she waited until the last minute to book is going to be an extra $400–for a long weekend with at least three kids–and she won’t just pay it?
(Don’t get me wrong, I understand the value of $400, but I have a point, here.)

c) How often does she offer a similar percentage off her services, via an online coupon code for a percentage of her potential customers to use? I’m guessing, based on what little I know of her, never. She’s not “that” kind of wedding vendor.

d) Put up or shut up!
If you don’t offer codes, then what right do you have to even USE them, never mind COMPLAIN over what is essentially one extra night’s lodging???
(I looked up the rooms for 2 adults and 3 kids: $420-580 per night. It is my understanding that this is all-inclusive, so it’s not as pricey as it sounds…but it’s not a cheap weekend by any stretch….even with a code.)

e) Wanna bet this was for Independence Day weekend? I wonder what the odds/line would be on that bet? Any takers?

f) Again, put up or shut up.

This one-sided tunnel-vision stuff really bugs me.

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