Going Bananas

After some office/business and personal “admin” stuff organization, I was able to return to a regular reading of my favorite blogs (including those of our friends!). Yay. Bloglines is my friend. And, now it’s on my daily radar and well-organized.

One of my favorites is The Bloggess. Her bananas story had me cracking up….and plotting some devious messages.

If you like a harmless practical joke, this might be fun for you, too.

Use a toothpick to write a message in the skin of a banana….or six. 🙂 The invisible message will show up in about a day.

Now, if E ate bananas, I’d be all over this with jokes and cute notes to him. But, as well all know, he doesn’t eat anything good. So, I must resort to the Bloggess’ suggestion of doing this at the store. What should the psychic bananas say to their new owners?

And, sine she’s so freakin’ hilarious, go read her story. Just be sure you go pee, first.


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