12 Years Ago Today

Twelve years ago today, E made me the happiest I’d ever been when he asked those four little words that mean so much, “Will you marry me?”


E is my rock. He supports me every moment of every day.


E can make a joke out of anything. A lot of them are even funny. Best of all, he can find humor where others do not. Life sure is easier with laughter.


E’s hugs are strong and comfortable.


E brings peace to the moment. Whenever I am stressed or upset, E can/will do whatever is necessary to help.


E is incredibly thoughtful. He sneak-attack fills my car with gas. He surprises me with little gifts for no reason. And, my birthday always comes early.

Today, to celebrate, we had a picnic lunch. We’re keeping our evening casual and spontaneous.

E, I love you more than words can say…

Happy Anniversary, Darling.

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