Insomnia is a Bitch, Weed(s) Helps

If you are paying attention, you’ll notice that this post is coming to you from the not-even-wee hours of the morning.

Insomnia is a bitch.

Weed, that is Weeds–the Showtime series–is great for passing the time at, say, 4am.

Actually, it’s more than that. It’s a great show that I never gave credit to. Of course, this is mostly because we don’t have Showtime, but thanks to Netflix, I can enjoy Weeds (and Dexter, HBO’s Six Feet Under, and some others, too.)


Here’s the real “problem” with the show: It’s funny. That’s not so conducive to sleeping. And, since I tend to finish what I start, it’s addicting (LOL) nature keeps me from sleeping, even after 4am.

Damn good reason to watch the show, if you ask me.

Please, no spoilers, I’m only in Season Two.

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