Great Grandmother’s Talent

My great grandmother (dad’s dad’s mom) put a crochet hook and some yarn in my hand when I was just a baby–far too young to remember. She didn’t care what I did, she just wanted me to play with it. I can not remember learning how to crochet the basic stitch. I only remember my grandmother, (dad’s mom) teaching me variations and helping me problem solve. I crocheted for fun. I rarely made anything of value. I guess great grandma taught me to love the craft for the sake of the craft.

A few months ago, my dad’s cousin called me. He was helping his mom clean out a closet. They ran across two doilies that great grandma made and passed down to them. Thom asked her if he could give them to me. In that family of all boys, he knew they wouldn’t get the care or appreciation like they would from someone who grew up with it.

Life gets in the way and we moved before he could send them but last week, Thom and I connected again and they arrived! I was honestly moved to tears at how beautiful they are.

Now, the only question I have is who should get them next? Maybe Thom’s son will fall in love and have a crafty daughter someday.

Thank you, great grandma. I wish I could have known you longer and better.





As you can see, they are quite large. I centered our crystal wedding vase to show scale. Also, our dining table is 54″ and they span the full length of it when end-to-end. One has a tiny stain and the other has a minor tear (which I may try to repair if I can match the thread). Regardless, they are full of love and family (and are now tucked safely away from the oral-fixated Marble).

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