An Epitaph for/by Mia’s Mother-in-law

My Twitter-friend Mia just lost her mother-in-law. It’s been a pretty trying time for her, but her Twitter friends have rallied around her for support. (Because Mia and her hubs are struggling financially, one person even paid for the obituary to run in the local paper. She really is that deserving a person.) If you are on Twitter, I encourage you to follow her.

Today, Mia posted her MIL’s epitaph that she wrote for herself years ago. There are a lot of parts in it that really speak to me, but here are my favorite excerpts.

I have trudged this life
Loved by some
Hated by others
Liked by only a few

I have done my best
T’was all I could do
I loved so much
Disliked only a few

…and then the last ~third is downright tear-jerking!

Mia, thank you for sharing so much about her with all of us.

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