Props to Wellesley College; Drops to Principal George Aulenbacher

Short version of the story

Student refuses to participate in inflammatory “lecture” at her high school that condescends to women.

Principal implies she’s a slut and threatens to call the college she’s been accepted to to tell them of her “character”.

Student seeks injunction.

College applauds student.

Props to Katelyn Campbell and Wellesley College
Drops to Principal George Aulenbacher of Kanawha County Schools


Copy of the email I sent the principal

Principal George Aulenbacher
Phone: (304) 348-7729

What a disgrace you are to the profession. I’m the daughter of two teachers, one who became a school counselor and another who became a school principal.

Your actions are am embarrassment to the profession.

You owe Katelyn Campbell, her parents, Wellesley College, your student body, your staff, and your community a huge apology. Be a leader and admit your wrong doing or step down with what little grace and dignity you have left.

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