Happy Anniversary, #Kenise25

We went to Tyler this weekend to be with Ken & Denis Hawk to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. E has known Denise since they were kids. He was one of ~5 people at their Catholic ceremony 25 years ago.

We had a blast! Team Hawk threw a lovely party at a cool Mediterranean-looking terrazzo complete with a lovely vow renewal including statements from each of their 5 children, a 3-course meal, a video produced by the youngest 5 members of Team Hawk (ages ~8 through ~19), and a night filled with dancing.

I took the camera, so as soon as I have my pictures processed (and permission from Team Hawk), I’ll post a few.

Ken & Denise, thank you for a lovely party! Congratulations on a quarter century of wedded bliss! Thank you for your contribution of 5(+1) additional humane and kind humans to our society. Thank you for sharing your kindness with the world.

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