$300 cash!

Today, we sold our dining table. It was the wrong size and shape for our new home so we got rid of it. Plus, we never-ever-not-once seated 8 people for dinner.

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I have $300 cash in my pocket! …and a plan.

The Questions

Where will you sit to eat? – On the couch with TV trays like we almost always do.

What will you do for table space? & What will you put in that spot in your kitchen? – a kitchen dresser!

What is a kitchen dresser? – You aren’t on Pinterest, are you?

Kitchen Dresser

The plan is to convert an old dresser into a kitchen island. We already bought a dresser from Craigslist. It will give us the badly-needed additional storage. Plus, we could use a little more counter space. Finally, it will have a top larger than the footprint of the dresser. So, we can tuck some barstools under the overhang and have seating for two. It will also give us a place to put food when we have people over.

Our Kitchen Dresser Island

You can see my favorite ones our our Kitchen board.

Our’s won’t be green (and would never be that icky shade of green!), but will probably be a glossy black like the pantry and our appliances. Our casters will need to be large, 4″ kitchen casters with rubber wheels because small wheels will only get lost in the grout between our tiles. (And, our dresser has a “skirt” so only about an inch of the wheels will show.) There is a granite store near here that I’m hoping will have some remnants we can afford/like. Oh, and the dresser is pretty light. I’m not sure it can support an overhang that is as heavy as granite. So, we might have to get creative about the countertop. Finally, I want plain barstools that we can “hang” under the countertop in the same way that bars store wine glasses on racks.

I’ll need to finish the back of our dresser. I’m thinking a piece of plain panelling. It will also need some minor repairs. I also another fun idea or two. I’ll know more when I get into the project.

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