Vegan Freezer Pho

From mid-January through, well, still now, I had The Crud. The version going around Austin is a 10-day or longer virus. All you can do is manage symptoms and rest.

Any time I have a respiratory ailment, I want Pho soup. It’s warm, brothy, and as spicy as I can stand. It opens up my airways and helps me clear my head (literally). I lost track of how many times E went to get me Pho. It was so many that by the 2nd Sunday of my stint, he knew which shop was closed on Sundays. I’ve been doing all this freezer cooking, lately, so I took a vegan Pho recipe, and modified it for the freezer.

Vegan Freezer Pho

I’ll try it soon. Once I have it tested/tweaked, I’ll keep a couple of “kits” in the freezer. Then, when I’m allergy ridden, or worse, it’s just a quick “dump” of ingredients into boiling water. So much better than an errand. And definitely better than all the containers it takes to transport already-cooked Pho.

Oh, and if you want Pho in NW Austin, Pho What and Phonatic are both good. I don’t think either shop has any that is vegan, though. (I don’t necessarily eat vegan when I’m not well.)

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