Meat in our world – and the hate

[This post was originally penned in February, long before Fat Tuesday or Ash Wednesday.]

I don’t normally get all political about my choice to avoid most meat/dairy. I’m just avoiding the cholesterol, not staging a coup against animal industries. I don’t judge people who eat meat if they aren’t going against their own rules/values to do so. There is a often a roast in the crock pot for E for dinner.

However. There are some things I don’t get.

  • Americans know that meat is prevalent here and not as obtainable in other parts of the world. American Catholics don’t eat meat on the Fridays during Lent. Why? Because they are supposed to be atoning, and going without the luxury of meat one day a week is supposed to make them think about people in the world who don’t have meat. If American Catholics know this, then why is it limited to the Lenten season? Why isn’t one of the most politically-involved religions talking about all of God’s creatures one day a week instead of 7 days a year?
  • Jews know that meat has its issues. Kosher meats are healthier and more humane. Why can’t the rest of the religious folk follow this same standard? Is it just because it “isn’t Christian”? … because that’s sure what it seems like. I guess those who think that forget that Xitananity formed out of the Jewish faith. [After all, even Avenue Q knows that “Jesus was Jewish!”] So, wouldn’t Christian values on this topic (and others) be similar to Jewish ones? Aren’t Jewish-God’s creatures and Xtian-God’s creatures the same creatures? Why isn’t Kosher processing the standard for a mostly Christian country? (hint: it’s the money, honey!)
  • Veggies are cheaper. Hands down. They are cheaper to produce & preserve. They are more caLc bang-for-the-buck than any other layer in the food pyramid. Yet, McDonald’s is having to consider whether or not they should have a McVeggie option. Veggie nuggets already exist in places with large vegetarian populations. I had them in Greece and they were yummy; they’re kind of like Indian samosas. How is this such a “big” decision? Put them on the menu where you think they might work and see how they do. I bet they’ll do better than expected. And if so, Mickie D’s will make more money off the veggies than the weird chicken or pink slime. No one ever got in trouble with a doctor for eating too many veggies. Red meat, cheese, sugar, carbs, alcohol, etc. sure! Veggies, never.
  • Speaking of doctors, I had some blood work done a few years ago. I was diagnosed by an intern (with horrific bedside manner) as “pre-diabetic” and given a meeter, some copies of a food list, and a prescription for a diabetic medicine just like the one E’s mom was taking at the same time. (Yes, someone 40+ years my senior and I were on the same “sugar” drug. No, it doesn’t make any sense.) I questioned the food list with, “but I’m vegan” and was chastised for my dietary choice, with NO regard for the reason, which could have been religious or otherwise very personal. Besides the disregard for my reasons, was a wannabe doctor really telling me that vegetables are bad? AYFKM??? I haven’t been back to that “famous” doctor. Not if she can’t be bothered to see her own patients.
    Also, I took the drug for a long while and avoided carbs while I did (something I was already doing anyway). I didn’t lose even a pound. If “pre-diabetic” was the cause of my weight, then the drug would have had an impact, no? I call bullshit and kick-backs.
  • Every grandmother ever has said “eat your veggies” with an annoying redundancy. So why is it that vegetable-based dishes are so hard to come by? Why do my favorite jalapeno chips have (unnecessary) milk in them? Why do we find dairy (or soy or gluten or peanut or other allergy triggers) in the most random of places? Again, money, honey!

It’s exhausting to do the right thing over and over again in the face of hate. Yes, I went there and used the word hate. Because hate is the only thing someone (or some company) could be feeling when they go out of their way to take a vegetable and make it something else entirely. Hate is the only word for the kind of greed that would cause a “Christian” to fail to recognize the Kosher standard just because it’s Jewish instead of Christian. Hate is the only word for the greed that is McDonald’s and their not-yet human-hormone-free nuggets. Hate is the only word for a doctor who considers her bottom line above her Hippocratic oath (and that intern was harmful! for sure!).

I am so tired of hate in all its various forms. Dear people of Earth and especially those who lead corporations, STOP HATING THINGS YOU (don’t agree with or) DON’T UNDERSTAND. FIND KINDNESS IN YOUR HEART. If you can’t find kindness, please just remove yourself from this society and get on that mission to Mars.

Mostly, I’ll eat/think/feel what I do. And, as long as you respect me, I’ll respect you for the same. After all, if I can cook meat for E, I’m pretty sure I won’t judge you for eating it. #gah

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