Yarn Swap rules

Yarn Swap

The purposes of the swap are fun and stash busting. (As a bonus, we might do a little good for a charity.)

Swaps tend to be mostly one-for-one. One complete skein of nice yarn would earn one complete skein of different nice yarn. Likewise, medium quality would swap for medium quality, “junk” for “junk” etc. Obviously, a couple/few medium skeins might be “worth” a nice skein or two. Please keep this in mind. If you would be hurt if it doesn’t “perform” how you think it should, then don’t bring it. Likewise, bringing all Red Heart in hopes of getting cashmere is not fair. Only bring yarn you want to be rid of. Selecting by rounds should prevent most conflicts.

  • If the yarn has been stored in plastic (or near something worse), please air it out for a few days before the swap.
  • Please label the yarns you bring as best you can with whatever you remember about the skein/ball, including the price you think you paid (adjusted per half-skein when necessary).
  • Please tag your yarn label/strap with your initials or a symbol for any questions that come up.
  • You will likely bring more yarn to the swap than you will take home

Upon arrival, check in your yarn (with L/Tonya). We reserve the right to hold out “very special” yarns for consideration outside these rules. We’ll be checking Ravelry when we have questions.

Yarn will be divided into two main categories: whole skeins (~5+ oz) and mini- or half-skeins (~3-4 oz). (Melody has offered her food scale of us for weighing.)

Tickets or tokens will be given according to how much you bring:

  • one normal skein = one ticket/token
  • two half-skeins = one ticket/token
  • “very special” skein = 2+ tickets/tokens
  • there may be ways to earn an extra ticket/token

There will be a “free” basket for anything too small for the swap. The free basket is the perfect place for little scraps and anything you think isn’t worthy of the swap, but you don’t want.
You never know, Tonya may need more sprinkles for more cookies for E.

We will draw numbers. As hostess, L will go last.

During the first round, each person will relinquish a ticket/token (or 2+ for anything “very special”) and choose one skein (or two mini/half skeins).

If we have a large enough abundance of yarn, during the some subsequent rounds, each person will choose 2 skeins (or 4 mini/half skeins).

Rounds will repeat until everyone is out of tickets/tokens or selections halt.

After the official rounds are complete, the floor will open for “private” bargaining/bartering between individuals.
i.e. “Hey, I got this one skein, but then you nabbed the other two that coordinate. And I have these I think you’d like. Can we strike a deal?”

If you want it back, your own stuff goes home with you. If you do not, it will be donated to Saver’s thrift store for their resale for charity.

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