Alvin, Texas

[I was getting ready to tell the story of our adventures this evening…when I realized we didn’t have the story of Alvin, Texas—and our jokes about it—on our blog! For SHAME! (We didn’t start blogging until we got married.)
We also aren’t sure on the year. We think it was the weekend of February 13-14, 1999.
-L, May 2010.]

Jenn invited us to a Crawfish boil near Galveston. Because it was also Galveston Mardi Gras, we ended up staying in Alvin. We did some expLng and even went to The Strand, but didn’t pay money to get into their Mardi Gras since we had our own party to attend. During that weekend, we drove all over the area south of Houston. We saw part of the NASA campus and toured Galveston a little bit. From that trip (and another a few months later) every time we looked up, there was a sign pointing “that way” to Alivin roughly 10 miles away. After the first few, we joked that Alvin is the center of the universe.

It didn’t take long for us to start to refer to self-centered people—especially those who walk part way through a door and then stop, leaving anyone behind them to rear-end them in pedestrian fashion—as “from Alvin.” [Disclaimer: This is no reflection on the people who are actually from there. It’s just our joke.]

So, if you see either of us Tweet about someone from Alvin, rest assured there is a horribly self-centered person in our midst. And we might have to dig one of our mobile phones out of their butt crack.

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