BLACKLIST: Los Nortenos – downtown Bryan

Did you ever have one of those nights when no substitute would do? That was us with some friends one night. We were craving margaritas and chips/queso. We headed to what we thought was a new favorite place, Los Nortenos. When we got there, we sat at our “usual” table. We were there a long time before anyone waited on us, which was odd, because there was only one other group there (~12 people drinking beer after having finished their meal.) When he finally came to our table, we quickly ordered a round of margaritas. He informed us that they “no longer had” a liquor license. Apparently the table of 12 had brought their own beer. It was at this time that we noticed the large Xs made of tape on the beer case (which was full of beer) and the 12-pack box that the group was taking their beer from.

We were disappointed, but not enough to go somewhere else.

We ordered chips/queso. This time, we were informed that they were out of cheese. So, let me get this straight: This is a MEXICAN restaurant with NO BEER, NO MARGARITAS, and NO CHEESE???? He explained that they had “cheese” but not “queso”.

We’ve never been back.

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