BLACKLIST: Dillard’s – any, including

Dillard’s – any, including

Wedding planning is supposed to be a fun time in your life. That was not the case when it came to dealing with our registry or the wedding “consultant” at Dillard’s. They added items to our registry that we did not request. And, they never replenished stock of “seasonal” items that we did want. They still don’t have the margarita set that several friends tried to get for us. Then, when we tried to return items we did not request (like EXTRA place settings), we got both a hassle AND we were only allowed to get “Dillard’s Dollars” for the items. Since they violated the only agreement we had and didn’t care about the consequences, L demanded better service. They stood by their “policy”. L made several scenes in the store, consulted a regional manager, told everyone she knew, and posted it on (where she found hundreds of other similar complaints). Dillard’s cares not one bit for the customer or for the future of their business. We have spent our LAST dollar in Dillard’s and have cancelled the card we had there. It’s a shame that employees at a Texas-based company would behave in such a manner.

By the way, Target has the same registry and return policy, so we don’t ever buy gifts there. At least they were nice about it and didn’t add stuff to our list! Plus, it’s Target; it’s easy to find stuff to spend store credit on.

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