a caffeine-free life

One year, in college, I gave up caffeine for Lent. I was drinking too much. The first day was helacious. The next wasn’t too bad. The rest was easy. Of course, everything’s easier when you are in college. Not only is age on your side, but you are too busy to remember why your head hurts.

Sunday was kind of like that first day of Lent for me, but the easy way. I have a new sleeping medicine from my doctor. The first time I took it, I slept for eleven (11) hours! After Fall Homecoming on Saturday, E and I came dragging in at 2:30 or 3am (damn, it was a good party!). I took my new medicine knowing I could sleep all day Sunday, if necessary. Well guess what? I awoke just long enough to eat lunch and dinner and was still in bed by 10pm!

Since I wasn’t awake, I wasn’t drinking caffeine. So, I took advantage. Monday was a limited caffeine day. I had a smaller-than-usual coke in the morning and another at lunch. For dinner and the rest of the evening, I had water. gasp! the horror! Well, you know, it IS close to Halloween. Today, I’ve not had any. The closest I came was a caffeine-free diet coke with lunch.

So, we’ll see how long it lasts (when I had to give it up for my root canal, it didn’t last long at all!), but I have hopes. I don’t really care to cut it ALL out. I just want to get it down to a more manageable level so the insomnia meds can work like they are supposed to.

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  1. I hear some people delude themselves into thinking their water is iced tea and dump lemon and sugar into it.

    Not recommending, I’m just sayin’ – that’s what some people do, I hear.

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