Day 7 of 30

Though my sleeping meds were working quite well and I could have slept in, today started off with a rush.

  • Getting Things Done
    • which wasn’t very productive since Indi wanted out 5 times in the first hour of the day; but, it’s chilly and wet outside, so he won’t actually “go”
  • some light exercise
    • would have done more, but Indi wouldn’t leave me alone; he seems to think I am “mother nature” and can make it stop raining so he can go out
  • with Jes’ help, cleaned the dining room, finding places for all the BV QueSt Homecoming and extra AYW stuff
  • lunch with Jes
  • Getting Things Done
  • nap
  • Getting Things Done
  • Brazos Valley College Night – representing the University of Miami

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