Luzaween was a blast! We had hotdogs and sandwiches and tons of snacks, including our famous queso.

E and I both work with cops: I’m a tech writer at police academy and he provides IT support to the university police, so we came up with a cop-themed pair: E was the “good” cop and I was the “bad” cop.

Our party was the same night as Paul & Victoria’s, so we all did the party-hop thing in shifts. It’s always fun to go see their friends, too, especially since we have a few in common.

Costume winners:

  • the League of Justice (Beth as Bat Girl, Marc as Superman, Bailey as Batman, and Isis as Robin)
  • Mad Scientist (Alexi and her fogging cup)
  • Georgia (the Budweiser Bat)
  • Diego (Spanish gypsy bitch with an attitude)

Jessica planned and prepared a scavenger hunt in the woods; soooo much fun to take a dozen drunks on a hunt at 3am with only two flashlights! Laura and Georgia were the most skilled hunters and came out with some good loot!

Thanks to everyone who came and especially those who helped! See you next year: Saturday, October 25th!

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