Luzaween was a blast! We had hotdogs and sandwiches and tons of snacks, including our famous queso.

E and I both work with cops: I’m a tech writer at police academy and he provides IT support to the university police, so we came up with a cop-themed pair: E was the “good” cop and I was the “bad” cop.

Our party was the same night as P&V’s, so we all did the party-hop thing in shifts. It’s always fun to go see their friends, too, especially since we have a few in common.

Costume winners:

  • the League of Justice (B as Bat Girl, M as Superman, B as Batman, and I as Robin)
  • Mad Scientist (A and her fogging cup)
  • G (the Budweiser Bat)
  • D (Spanish gypsy bitch with an attitude)

J planned and prepared a scavenger hunt in the woods; soooo much fun to take a dozen drunks on a hunt at 3am with only two flashlights! L and G were the most skilled hunters and came out with some good loot!

Thanks to everyone who came and especially those who helped! See you next year: Saturday, October 25th!

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