Days 11-13 of 30


  • Getting Things Done
  • walk with Jes and the dogs
  • S Factor
  • scolded Indi hard for ruining one of my favorite S shirts
    • he really needs a new home
    • this is two days in a row of really bad behavior on his part
  • cleaned Ralphs, Jes’, and my vehicle
    • was so into the cleaning mode, that I lost track of time and missed MOSS
  • took Jes to deliver Ralph’s car to him
  • cleaned the house; feel like I didn’t make much of a dent
  • Friday Drinking Club at The Corner and then Dudley’s


  • clean clean clean
  • make food
  • decorate
  • last-minute run to the grocery and liquor stores
  • Laura & Steve arrived and helped us set up
  • Beth & Marc came over after their WestPoint alumni tailgating party and helped us set up
  • Luzaween!


  • brunch with Laura, Steve, Beth, Marc, Jes, John, Cady, and Ralph
  • we all helped Cady & Ralph unload the trailer and Jeep so they could leave for Temple to see Ralph’s dad
  • after they left, Jes and I unloaded Jes’ furniture from Cady’s room and started to set up her room; we wanted to surprise her, but she surprised us coming home an hour and a half later with the news that Ralph’s dad was much better and they didn’t need to go to Temple, after all; still, she was much appreciative of our work on her room
  • impromptu commune with left over food from Luzaween
  • Bartenders’ Ball: a blast, as always; thank you, Budweiser!

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