an update

It’s been a while since we just did a plain old update. So here are some things going on with us. Last winter, we got a new domain. You can now find us at instead of the longer address. Hopefully, we’ll streamline some of the other stuff, too. At some point last winter, I […]

facebook Is Dead To Me

On October 12th, I deactivated my facebook account. True to form, facebook reactivated it (those bastards), and I deactivated it again on October 18th. In the first ~10 days after closing my facebook account, I noticed a substantial–journaled/documented–increase in productivity.  Now, let me be frank: I never played games on facebook. Furthermore, I was ruthless […]


I’ve been too overwhelmed in the last few years to make New Years’ Resolutions. Plus, with all the news articles about not making them so you won’t feel like a failure, it’s not been in vogue to do so. 🙂 This year, though, I really wanted to do some good goal setting for me and […]

Fireworks Day

Fireworks Day[1] As always, we are in Paris for L’s grandparents’ birthdays. (His is on the 3rd and her’s is on the 4th). Because Paris has the band concert and fireworks show are on the 3rd, we have one big party with them every year. After a nice dinner, cake & ice cream, and presents, […]

They All Come in Threes

Last week, I had three bad things happen to me in one day. It sucked. This week, I’ve had two, so far, good things happen. One is something I can’t blog about (but email me if you want to know. I’m happy to share.) and the other is a fabulous interview for a fabulous job! […]

Day 35 of 30+17

Today is a half day for A&M, so I tried to get as much done in the morning as possible. feng shui some of the master bedroom Getting Things Done walking with Jes and the dogs running errands lunch with E (lemon pepper wings at Wings & More are our new favorite!) project at home […]