Fireworks Day

Fireworks Day[1]

As always, we are in Paris for L’s grandparents’ birthdays. (His is on the 3rd and her’s is on the 4th). Because Paris has the band concert and fireworks show are on the 3rd, we have one big party with them every year. After a nice dinner, cake & ice cream, and presents, we headed to the concert and show.

This year’s concert was modest and short. But, it was initially highlighted by a precision parachute team’s arrival on the field just behind the band carrying the colors. Parachutist #1 with the USA flag
Parachutist #1 brought the USA flag

Parachutist #2 with the Texas flag another parachutist brought the Texas flag

Two more parachutists landed precisesly behind the band; one brought the POW flag

The next moment was the traditional medley of service songs. Each member and veteran of the military is asked to stand during their branch’s song. L’s grandfather flew a glider in World War II and stood for the Army Air Corps song.

Frank O'Brien
Frank M. O’Brien, Army Air Corps, Purple Heart recipient

The show ended with a nice little display of fireworks.

Happy Fireworks Day!

[1] When L was little, she could say Independence Day, but couldn’t recall it as well. And, fireworks was much more fun to say. Thus, we have deemed the 3rd of July to be “Fireworks Day”. The Paris celebration is traditionally held on the 3rd. A nearby town, Roxton, has held a 4th-of-July show for a few years longer. The Rotary Club that hosts the Paris show didn’t want to step on any toes. Besides, who doesn’t like to start fireworks early?

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