14 years

90 years ago this past Wednesday, E’s mom was born. 65 years ago this week, one of E’s brothers was born. 14 years ago this past Wednesday, Daddy suffered a massive heart attack. Happy Birthday, Mom. I still miss you like crazy, Daddy.

Happy Fall

Today, we went to a family birthday party. It was great to see “everyone”. We used to see everyone pretty often. In fact, there were kinda regular Sunday dinners at E’s mom’s house when he and I first started dating. Literally every family member came to those. They were great. Then, we had about half […]

Easter plans

We’ve missed the last couple of Luza Easter gatherings. Two years ago, we were just exhausted. Last year, it fell on our anniversary and we wanted to do something “better” than eat cheap frozen hamburgers and hot dogs in Dime Box. (We went downtown, had burgers, and bar hopped a little.) This year, though, E […]

Time heals wounds….what?

I guess maybe there is pretend truth to the statement that time heals all wounds. This was the first year since that awful day in 2002 when “God” took Daddy from this world that I didn’t hone in on the date. Of course, I don’t believe that “God” took him.[1] I believe that we aren’t […]

an update

It’s been a while since we just did a plain old update. So here are some things going on with us. Last winter, we got a new domain. You can now find us at BlueLime.us instead of the longer address. Hopefully, we’ll streamline some of the other stuff, too. At some point last winter, I […]