Staples in my Head

Tuesday was like any normal day…except that I ended up with staples in my head. At lunch, I went to visit my doggie BFF. Our routine is a quick walk (In spite of being a greyhound, he’d have it no other way.), followed by some couch time, and then back in his crate with an […]

Stock Photography

We’re wrapping up a fabulous burger supper and talking about what to do on Friday/Saturday nights of our football-filled weekend. L (after stumbling onto some “today in Austin site”, scoffing at their generic look): “Argh! They use effin’ stock photography.” E: “Livestock? Cows?”

Sea Mammals

We see a Blue Healer cow dog “walking himself” by carrying his own leash in his mouth. He’s ready to romp and play and is trying very hard to get his owner on board with this idea. L: “That Healer needs some cows….or goats or sheep or something. What other animals get herded?” E: Whales. […]

The Rapture

This weekend was Daddy’s golf tournament. [1] E couldn’t make the trip, so I trekked up to Paris on Friday. I was all the way there before I started to see (mostly on Twitter and some on facebook) all the jokes about the Rapture. I called E to say hello and made some of my […]

Ch-ch-ch-changes for E

We’ve been too busy to keep up with blogging. I’m still only half way through my post-SXSW post, which was going to be quite funny…but it’s not so much, now. However, I can’t pass up the chance to blog these images from E’s going away lunch from his now-former job. As a staff, they didn’t […]

Kitty Pong

E and the cats found a new game today. They named it Kitty Pong. They were animated and vocal about something (probably all the chaos in the house, today). E decided that after one meowed, he’d walk to the other one until she meowed. He did this back and forth with them a few times […]

Kitty Conversations

SCENE: meowing cats while we are cooking dinner E: What is it? PURRRRRL: meow E: Are you hungry? PURRRRRL: meow E: Do you smell chicken? PURRRRRL: meow E: Do you want chicken? PURRRRRL: meow E: Do you want to share chicken with Sosta? (crickets chirping through the silence) L: laughing vigorously because animals understand much […]