Ch-ch-ch-changes for E

We’ve been too busy to keep up with blogging. I’m still only half way through my post-SXSW post, which was going to be quite funny…but it’s not so much, now.

However, I can’t pass up the chance to blog these images from E’s going away lunch from his now-former job. As a staff, they didn’t know anything he really liked other than boobies. So, this women-dominated group set out on a task to give him as many boobs as they could fit into one lunch. They excelled in every way possible that didn’t involve putting my own boobs on public display! The entire lunch was full of laughter and adoration for E. As it should be!

The gift bag wishing him Beast Wishes!

His decree of Divorcement from his work-wife, T. He has to pay her child support for leaving her while still acting like a child.

A boob/nipple made to fit a Dr. Pepper.

A boobies pop.

A “you can’t leave” card complete with the sounds of Hoops and Yo-yo’s voices.

Denise putting final touches on E’s dessert.

Another boob. This time just one. All chocolate.

*squee* at all the boobies!

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