Sea Mammals

We see a Blue Healer cow dog “walking himself” by carrying his own leash in his mouth. He’s ready to romp and play and is trying very hard to get his owner on board with this idea.

L: “That Healer needs some cows….or goats or sheep or something. What other animals get herded?”

E: Whales.

L: ??? They do not. Whales don’t travel in herds.

E: Yes, they do.

L: Whales really travel in herds?
[You see, it’s E, and he’ll make shit up, so I have to ask again, so I’ll know if he’s really being truthful or just messing with me.]

E: Yes. What do you call a baby whale?

L: I dunno.

E: A calf.

L: Ok, I know whales are mammals, but it’s not like little Sea Cowboys are riding Sea Horses and using Sea Cow Dogs to herd whales.

E: No, because there are Sea Men riding the Sea Horses.



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