I’ve been too overwhelmed in the last few years to make New Years’ Resolutions. Plus, with all the news articles about not making them so you won’t feel like a failure, it’s not been in vogue to do so. 🙂

This year, though, I really wanted to do some good goal setting for me and for AYW.

So, I made three major goals. After a week (ish) into the new year, I can say that I’m a solid 2-for-3.

  1. I have been doing my daily Project 365 photo-of-the-day for AYW.
    I set some flexible rules for myself for this. I must take a photo for every day of the year. However, I can post/blog 2-3 at a time. I keep my little camera with me, but I make an effort to use my good camera as must as is reasonable. When I have time, I also post these images to Blogger, Flickr, and Deviant Art. The point of this project has a primary goal of making me find something, every day that is worthy of a photo. I’m forced to look at the world with more detail.  A secondary benefit is that by posting the images so widespread, I draw more traffic to my site.
  2. Weekdays, I have a task that I hope will help me communicate better and more often with my family, friends, and clients.
    It’s just a little thing, but I’m putting a lot of meaning behind it.
  3. Three times a week, I’m supposed to carve out some time that is designed for me for relaxing.
    I have seclude myself, have some green tea, rest, and listen to something soothing. It’s my own little siesta. My evening is so much better when I make the time to do this. So far, this is the one that has suffered. I hope to get a better grip on this one over the weekend so I can set a better pace for next week.

So, we’ll see how far I make it. I know that most of us lose steam for our resolutions pretty quickly. And, I’ve read that it takes 30 days to make a habit. (I’ve also read it takes 100 times of doing it…don’t know which is true.)

Now, where did I set down my green tea?

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