Day 15 of 30

Wow, half way point, already! I don’t feel as productive as I wanted to by this point, but it’s been a busy two weeks: Homecoming, Luzaween, etc., so I think I may have expected too much of myself.

  • After a weekend of late nights and no ability to take my sleeping med, I took it for the first time in a while last night. I also forgot and took it a little late, so it made me sleep in a little bit, but was worth the good/solid night of sleep
  • walking in the woods with the dogs
  • responded to a silly request
  • Getting Things Done
  • lunch with my baby
  • laundry
  • final editing touches on Allison’s bridals
  • uploading Allison’s bridals – phase i
  • rescued a dog that wandered up to our house, called and searched for the owner, puppy-sat for the rest of the afternoon, disciplined him and Indi when they fought too hard over a chewy
  • spent the afternoon putting out fires; what a day!
  • meeting
  • break up another tiff between the dogs
  • delivered the dog to his owner
  • dinner at Fritella
  • sneak preview of a Bee Movie courtesy of our friend, Glen
  • Getting Things Done
  • uploading Allison’s bridals – phase ii
  • pre touching the Wivagg family portraits
  • blogging Allison’s bridal session

whew, today was much more productive. Given all I have to do soon, I hope the rest of the week is just as good!

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