Day 23 of 30

It’s funny how yesterday, after I set a goal of making a dent in my inbox, I found other filing and stuff to do instead. It all still needs to get done and all still affects my greater todo list, but the filing was something that once I got started, I couldn’t stop. Today, I will finish the filing and will have to move on to the inbox.

  • Getting Things Done
  • take Indi out like 15 times before lunch
  • copy files from one hard drive to another
  • meet for photographers’ lunch
  • Getting Things Done
  • meet with a new client
  • Getting Things Done
  • check on a couple of friends
  • update toodledo list
  • start knocking out a few tasks!
  • Getting Things Done

and no, I didn’t get much done to the inbox…the nemesis!

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