bah humbug

I’ve had the “bah humbugs” for three years, now.

Here’s the beginning of a list of why’s.

  • the shopping
  • the errands
  • the rush
  • the hustle
  • the hassle
  • the grumpy clerks
  • the grumpy fellow-shoppers
  • the canned music in every freakin’ store
  • the Salvation Army bell at every entrance
  • the wrapping
  • the cooking
  • the bah humbugs
  • the overt “everyone’s Christian” mindset and attitude
  • the bills
  • the decorating
  • the way Christmas forces us to shop “globally” instead of “locally”
  • the insanity
  • the weather
  • the gazillion charity drives
  • the days off “ruined” by too much “work” to do
  • the theft and crime
  • the higher degree of stress in everyone
  • the commercialization of it all…..

Mostly, I hate that every party we are invited to has a 1) gift exchange, 2) covered dish, and 3) toy for charity (or some other contribution). Any one, I can handle. All three is too much to ask. I’ve sworn off all parties this year. If you are having one, I will decline. (E can go if he wants to; that’s fine with me.) I’m not even going to some parties where I should. (Sorry Photo Guild. My apologies Bridal Association.)

I’d love for it to go back to being about:

  • time with family
  • food
  • friends
  • fun

I know I’m echoing my uncle, but it’s just not fun anymore. Where did the magic go? Did it leave me when I became aware of Santa? or when I moved away from Texas? or when I became an adult? or when I became a wife?

I want to do that thing where you see someone in need: say an older man on the street with no coat. And you go buy a decent coat and leave it for him to find. I want to bring the “magic” that I think is missing to someone in need. But it would have to be something that can be realized. I need to see this figurative man find the coat. I need to see his realization that it was meant for him. I need to see his smile. I need to see him cuddle in its warmth.

I haven’t “seen” the spirit of the holidays in a really long time.


PS I wish everyone the best and happiest holiday season. I just need compassion and understanding that I’m not in the same place as “everyone else”. And by gods, if you are with me on this, email me. I need the support.

1 thoughts on “bah humbug

  1. I don’t have the bah-humbugs, but I am disappointed that Christmas has encroached on Thanksgiving and Halloween. I recently read a book that explains why Thanksgiving started out as an unfortunate grave-robbing incident. Nice.

    And yet my spirits aren’t dampened. Despite its unsavory beginnings, I want Thanksgiving to be a time to celebrate my blessings and not the countdown to conspicuous consumption.

    I also hate Christmas shoppers so I usually have most everyone covered by October, and I’m making the rest if my resolve holds up. That way the only human rights I violate are mostly my own, and of course, Laine’s homemade gifts are GHB-free!

    Sorry to oppress you with my ridiculous optimism. It’s just that you’re so great to share a laugh with. You should go to the parties just so we can compare notes and mock all the absurdities of the holidays.

    Miss you tons!

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