Day 34 of 30+17

Today is my next to last day to miss work. I am, of course, glad to be feeling better. I sure wish I never had to go back there; the prospect is giving me nightmares. So, I’m reaffirmed yet again that that environment is the root of much of my stress.

  • slept in a bit
  • walked with Jes and the dogs
  • brunch with Jes
  • bagua the living room
  • bagua the master bedroom
  • arrange the master bedroom according to the bagua
  • lunch with E
  • errands
  • time at the Bead Fountain re-making my University of Miami-themed bracelet and necklace
  • errands
  • Getting Things Done
  • more feng shui for the master bedroom and living room
  • cleaned the stairs
  • dinner with E
  • Bridal Association of the Brazos Valley board meeting
  • drinks with a friend
    • GOOD gossip!!!  😉
  • take care of some friends’ kitties while they are out of town
  • make arrangements to help a friend
  • Getting Things Done

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