Anyone who’s received email in the last decade has seen these “I have money to give away” ploys. Of course, all of them involve you giving them money, first, or, they’ll send you a counterfeit cashier’s check for “too much” and ask you to send them the difference.

Anyway, this was the funniest one I’d received in a while, maybe ever! My favorite line: “I have Lung Cancer, which has geometrically been eroding my life.”

Dear ,
I am Mrs. Dorathy Benson, 76yrs old of age,USA.I am a good
merchant, and investor who had share in various banks in the
world. I spent all my life on investment and cooperate business
both in Asia, Europe and America here. I am a very unhappy
person because I lost my husband and two beautiful children in
Plane Crash years back.
I am a very greedy woman who I never knew much or cared about
people. But my numerous afflictions have exposed me to untold
hardship as well as the realities of life, that we live in a
World we sharing and caring matter. I have found it increasingly
difficult to sleep and my soul has not known peace and rest.
Later part of the year 2005 February a medical check up by my
doctor, revealed that I have Lung Cancer, which has
geometrically been eroding my life.
In this situation it became obvious that my businesses and
numerous investments will suffer for it. I had call up a
clergyman to counsel me on positive thinking/spiritual healing
to my situation.
Who ministered to me to share my properties, wealth, to
motherless babies/orphanage homes/people that need money for
survival, as a way of atoning for my numerous unwholesome
treatment to persons who had worked me at various times in the
process of accumulating the stupendous wealth and in giving out
everything, it must be to persons who have never had anything to
do with me. I have 17.5 million US DOLLARS to give out.
I am therefore writing based on the spiritual advise, trying to
reach out to person who are in dare need or better still who
know people in need and can assist with the distribution of my
earthly possession contact me urgently if you consider yourself
available for this charity project, so that I can make available
fund, especially helpless divorced women who hardly can survive
on a daily basis. Please contact me and stop weeping. Possibly,
let me know you need the money for, and how you intend to
utilize the money in gLfying mankind.
Now am so much with God, am now born again .May the lord bless
you, as you reach me, please to remind you I am not a scam
artiest neither is this one of those fraudulent acts on
internet. I promise to divulge more information soon on hear
from you.
I await your immediately response.

Best Regards,

Mrs Dorathy Benson.

http:// / campaign / savethenet ? rk = X1e7R5E1arHoW

You know, some English teacher should make students edit these things for correct GSP and usage! What a much more interesting exercise than most of the ones I remember.

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