this crazy week

OK, so most of you know that my new job came with some giant first/urgent tasks (don’t they always?). But, given the calls and emails I’ve received, most of you don’t know just how giant these tasks were. 🙂 While I appreciate you all checking on me, I hope you’ll understand why I have not yet responded. After all, I even had to “close” AYW for a few days, a rare occurrence—maybe first ever—on a non-holiday. Since there are a ton of new-engagement-ring-wearing girls who have been a bride-to-be since the holidays, this is baaaad timing.

  • Sunday – came to work at 4:30 in the afternoon; left at 10:30 or so
  • Monday – came to work at 7:30am, left at 12:30am (yes, am); was too wired to sleep and was up until ~2am
  • Tuesday – came to work at 8:30am, left work at 8:00am (yes, a 23.5-hour day); went home to work by Internet so I could shower, be in a quiet environment, and settle my tummy from the junk food I’d eaten that night; worked until ~11am; E brought me lunch and then I slept from ~1pm until 7am!

So, thank you all for checking on me. I appreciate the “you’re done, right” messages yesterday. I’ll start getting back with you all today.

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