Cheesy or not?

As we are post-GAYla without a Fundraising Coordinator, I have had a busy week+. I’ve been running around town with a cab full of baskets and other silent auction goodies delivering them and taking money. Two such deliveries were to occur at ~5pm this evening.

In addition, we have a big/looming deadline at work. I was supposed to have it all done by 5pm today, but I didn’t receive the first part until 4:51pm. 🙂 [I love my job. Really and truly! When stuff like that happens, no one expects me to work a miracle and still make the deadline. It’s amazing to work with people who have some common sense about them. And, that doesn’t even include their respect for my evenings and life outside of work! I’ve never been so professionally happy!]

So, I left word with them all that I had a few errands to run, but that they were to call if they could gather the rest of the parts and wanted me to come back (after dinner, of course) to write/edit/format the document and turn it in this evening.

So, E and I went on our way: Wal-Mart, Academy, Home Depot….and then to dinner (before the pet store and pharmacy). Because we were in the vicinity of Cheddar’s, he joked that we should go there. Since he knows how much I hate the place, he got a resounding “haell no” from me (even though it is our town’s Spring Break and the prime time to go to any over-rated-and-therefore-over-crowded restaurant.)
E: “But it’s Cheddar’s. Their food is all cheesy. You love cheese.”

L: “Ahhhh but that’s the rub. Their food is not cheesy, it’s awful. Maybe if they covered it all in cheese it would be ok. The name is a misnomer.”

E: “You mean a misNAMEr.”


Yeah, this is a big reason why I married him. Funny, Funny E.

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