NeighborWoods Garage Sale a Huge Success

The “NeighborWoods Garage Sale” was—from our point of view and what I’ve heard—a resounding success.


  • Two (maybe more) people SOLD OUT on Friday.
  • Several people told us how much they appreciated the idea and the set up. (Setup was easy because everyone signed up according to the simple instructions.)
  • Lot’s of shoppers were excited to have so many options in one place.
  • Several garage sale hosts told me how excited they were to have a “motivation” to finally get rid of their extra stuff.
  • Several have already asked for this to be an annual event. (It can be, with a little help from a few volunteers.)

We have a long list of ideas for next year! And to those who didn’t manage to stop by our house, you missed out on the chance to drink a mimosa while you shopped!
Thanks, again to all the sellers and shoppers! It was a success because of such wonderful participation!!

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