–SCENE: We just finished watching Fletch.–

L: (laughing at the last line). That was a great movie.

E: I can’t believe you’ve never seen it.

L: What year was it made?

E: (checking TiVo). 1985.

L: Baby, my parents didn’t let me watch PG movies in 1985. [implied rant: I was 15 before they let me see a PG-13 movie. I’ve still never seen some of the great 80s flicks like Caddy Shack.]

E: What are you talking about? We were in college.

L: What are YOU talking about? I was in the 7th grade!

E: I was such a pedophile!

L: I love my pedophile!

[Reality: in May of 1985, I finished the 7th grade and E finished his senior year at Bryan High.
So, I was a 7th grader in ’85 and he was a college freshman in ’85, but not at the same time!]

Clearly, we’ve never felt much of an age difference. Maybe that’s because by the time we met, it wasn’t much of a difference. Besides, we are both still just kids.

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