Paw Prints

So we decided to paint the boardwalks to the house this evening. (We aren’t usually fans of painted wood, but it had been painted before.) We started at front door, painted up the stairs and up to the driveway. Then we started at the garage door and painted down the stairs toward the kitchen. This way, we could paint our way into the house and it could dry overnight.

E took the second “shift”. As he neared the kitchen door, we opened the screen door. Purrrrrl decided that was an invitation to walk outside, buzzed right past him, and manged to get paint on all four paws!

I got a paper towel and got most of the paint off her paws. As I type this, I’m holding her (which is making it take twice as long to tell this little story) to keep any paint remnants from getting all over our beautiful hardwood floors.

(Can you hear her cry and fuss at me for not letting her down? Can you see the fur flying from her getting her dander up at me? Can you feel the flick of her tail as she smacks it in anger?)

Oh, Sosta just came to check on her baby sister….and Purrrrrl’s paws seem to be dry, now.

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