Last week, it did a wonderful thing in the Brazos Valley: it snowed! It was not ice; it was not sleet. It was real honest-to-goodness snow!

Wednesday night, we went to sleep knowing it could, but wondering if it really would. Even the sky had that “it could snow” purple color and odd look shine it. Of course, the view was exaggerated by the almost-full-and-very-close-to-Earth moon. Thursday morning, we awoke to a pretty little blanket that dusted the trees and rooftops, but not the roads. It was gorgeous. Thursday was a magical wonderland as our friends posted pictures to facebook of their snowmen and other creations.

Thursday afternoon at about 3pm, an amazing thing happened: it started snowing again! And this time, it was a thick, full snow. The flakes looked and felt three-dimensional! I wish I had taken a small video with my phone, because the density of flakes falling from the sky was unlike anything I’d ever seen. When I got home, I liesurely walked to get the mail. I walked outside again just to be outside with the drifting flakes. I caught them on my tongue and let them cascade upon my lashes. Yet again, the white magice clung to trees, and rooftops. It made blankets in fields….but it did not stick to roads and did not impede all those holiday errands! (Though I’m certain the kiddos wished it had impeded school; I would have!)

Thursday, for supper, E and I went to River Bridge Grill where we sat facing a window. We enjoyed our dinner while we watched a young couple make a snowman off the small patio tables in the courtyard of the La Salle Hotel.

Interestingly, when I called my mom (who hates cold weather and thus snow) to say, “Guess what I’m doing?”, she innocently questioned, “um, playing in the snow?” and was slightly jolted to some reality when I explained that we weren’t but we were warm and cozy at the restaurant watching others do that very thing.

Anyway, It was the cutest little table-top snowman ever! After dinner, we went for an amazingly romantic walk through downtown Bryan. We let the snow fall on our shoulders and enjoyed the displays of holiday lights. We even stepped inside Earth Art and did a little “wish” shopping while we chatted with the clerk working that night.

I haven’t had any holiday spirit for years. (Too. Much. Stress!) I won’t say that I’m totally there, but that ~24 hours sure was a turning point for my mood and attitude toward the holiday season. It was nothing short of magical.

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