Internet (and other) Irritants part iii


The English language requires enunciation when speaking. Otherwise, you might be completely mis-understood.

  • House Number: 3018, “thirty-eighteen” can sound like “thirtyeight-ten”, 3810
  • Meaning: “and fortunately” (“an’ fortunately”) can sound like “unfortunately”
  • Amount: $1500, “fifteen hundred” can sound like “fifty to a hundred”, $50-100
  • Word: “Second” is a a measure of time. It is also the ordinal the comes after first. Secont is not a word. Secant is a geometry term and is pronounced with a long e.


When walking through a door, do not stop just inside it, keep going and let those behind you also pass through. Don’t create a “rear end collision” by stopping just inside the door way.

Mabel, Mabel…off the table!

Mabel, Mabel, sweet and able, keep your elbows off the table!

Now, I’m just as likely as anyone else of my same height to put my elbows or forearms on the table—taller people have more room and reason to use the table for a resting place. But, if you are rocking the table (especially if someone else is trying to eat or take notes), you need to keep your elbows at your waist and let the others use the table as it was intended.

Gmail Filters

Due to drama and hateful types[1], I had ~7 email addresses blocked. Someone I do like to receive email from sent me an email and copied one of those people. I gave a courtesy-only reply. Now, two of the people in my black-list successfully emailed me. I guess Gmail is smart enough to see that you had a conversation involving them (even for the one I did not email) and removes the filter so you can continue the conversation.

Damn, Gmail. Let me make that decision. Let me just have this conversation:

“Did you get my email?”
“’cause I sent it like three times”
“strange. I wonder what’s wrong.”

grrrr….I had them filtered for a reason[2]. (….and, by the way, curses to the one who looped me in the conversation in the first place. While there could be logic to the Reply All, it wasn’t really all that necessary.)

[1] Years ago, when one person threatened to quit an organization, even our Miss Congeniality member gave ’em a don’t-let-the-door-hit-your-butt-on-the-way-out type response.
[2] The other person is the reason I quit ALLIES earlier this year.

They are both re-blocked, now, of course.

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