Valvet Acclimates

Valvet is acclimating nicely. Yay for our reptile family!

She is the “beta” member of our turtle family, which Turtleor has made clear with the flapping of her front paws/claws (Patty R., help me out here! What are turtle’s feet called? fins? webs?).

Early on, Valvet seems to be the smarter/faster turtle. Like most “second” members of a family, she’s progressing just a little bit more quickly. It only took her one day of being at home with us to eat. She was with us for a little longer at Easter, so that is part of the difference, but she did eat much earlier than Turtleor did. She is also acclimating quite nicely to an aquarium with a filter and running water. Turtleor had the luxury of being in a bowl, first. In any case, like children or cats or other critters, they are easier with the second. So far, Valvet is learning from Turtleor and we have learned from our first red eared slider of what to do/not.

Also, while Turtleor will press her baby sibling down into the water to establish dominance, Big Sis also cuddles the little one up into safety.

It’s clear that Turtleor loves having a baby to care for. I suspect it will be different when Valvet starts to catch up in size…

Thank you, Patty R., Andy/Mary, and Jenn, for introducing us to the wonderful world of turtles as pets.

Today, our’s are trying tomatoes! Nom!

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