Omens for Luzas


Friday night, we headed to Bryan, had dinner with some friends, went out for a drink at a new bar in Northgate[1] and one other drink in a place where we could talk. Then, we headed home and crashed!

Tree through Plan D

I woke up at 9am and headed outside to start working on the tree that had fallen the weekend before. There were a bunch of little branches to be removed. At about 10:30, I heard voices and figured it was Jes wandering next door to see the tree. No, it was a Realtor I knew from BNI with a family in tow. I told her we had a contract; she said she knew and brought them by anyway. GREAT! a Plan C![2] So, I welcomed them inside and ran upstairs to make sure E was awake. We scurried out of there, so they could look at the house.

After we got back from brunch, we were working on the tree some more when I heard voices again. A young woman and her mom had stopped by and grabbed a flier. So, I let them in, gave the very brief tour of the main floor and then let them browse upstairs. When they left, they seemed very interested and said they’d have their Realtor contact our’s. Yay! A Plan D!!!

After we got the tree cleared out of the main lines of sight, we walked across the creek it straddled and found some kind of root problem that made it black on the inside. Ever since the neighbor behind us installed a hot tub, we joked that he needed to build us a bridge. Now, we have one! 😉 Since he’s never home and never uses it, this is an excellent selling point!

Packing an Omen

We spent the rest of the afternoon packing. Our plan was to move all our camping gear, since we plan to camp some weekends in the fall. We also grabbed other stuff we’d missed along the way. At one point, Cady wandered next door to visit and arrived just in time to witness me getting stung by a red wasp. I take this as an omen and sign that this is all meant to be and that one of these plans will follow all the way through to a closing. You may remember that when we moved into the house, we disturbed a nest of yellow jackets (Since the guy before us wasn’t living there, they made a corner of the front porch their home.) E and a neice and nephew all got stung, but I somehow survived by only killing the little bastages. I have also killed a lot of red wasps while living on that wooded lot. Early each season, I used to follow them to their nest and douse it with chemicals and watch them fall to their poisoned deaths. So, it’s just that I got stung. It’s also worth it since I know have proof in the way I view the world that this whole house-selling thing is really happening the way it was meant to be.

Back to ATX

After we filled the truck with almost all we wanted to move (the bicycles just wouldn’t fit unless we felt like strapping them to the roof), we grabbed Pepe’s burritos—chili for E, queso for me—and then headed back to Austin. We unloaded the truck and sorted/organized a few things.

Fancy Dinner

We intended to grab something little for supper, but were running out of time since a lot of places stop serving at 9pm. We weren’t very hungry, so when E spied s sushi place, we popped in. At $4 each $18 for four and with a menu where there was nothing E would eat, we left. I’m sure the place is very good because at 9pm, they were packed. We’d been wanting to go to Cool River to people watch (it’s the local Cougar bar! what FUN!) and knew they had a restaurant, too. Find my review on Yelp. We spent way more money than we wanted (especially since we were just going to snack) and weren’t exactly dressed for such a place, but it was a fabulous meal and a nice treat after a very hard day.

It’s not Sunday

At the end of the day, E said, “You know what’s awesome? We don’t have to work tomorrow.” He’s right. we’d done more stuff in the day than we usually do in a weekend. Sunday is a great day to rest and unpack a few things.

[1] I give the Tipsy Turtle a mediocre score. I’m glad to see more frozen drinks, especially with the heat. The fixtures and furnishings are nice. The music is entirely too loud. The drinks were fine, but they didn’t have margaritas or daquiris freezing on a very busy night. Since the neighbor-owners are successful, I’m sure TT will be, too. I think if College Station would put back the legal ability to walk around with a drink in your hand, that it would be hugely successful. That is exactly the kind of drink you get for people watching on the back promenade of Northgate.

[2] Plan B is a couple that is looking at the house on Monday evening. They would have been in the running for it, but were insistent that only “their” Realtor could show them the house. One of our Realtors could have shown it or let them in alone to see it; I could have driven over to let them in. One of her/their/our Realtor friends could have shown it…. Before their Realtor got back in town from her vacation, we had a contract from someone else. You snooze, you lose!)

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