Contract in Hand!

As of late Thursday night, we have secured a contract on our house! The buyer has a 7-day option period and 15 days to finish securing financing and then we are set to close on August 28th.

While we are thrilled, we are also cautious. We both feel a little better, but will be thrilled when this is all over.

To those who have listened to us (ahem. me.) whine and fuss, thank you for your patience.

Wish us luck in the direction of a SOLD sign. We’re aiming for gLous inspections, quick financing, and a smooth closing.

And like we have most of the weekends since we moved, we went back to Bryan this weekend. Instead of some of the projects we had planned—like removing the parts of the fallen tree that were leaning on one of our decks–we packed. Surely, we’ll be back to make the minor repairs found by the inspectors and then again with a moving truck to take the rest of our belongings to storage.

We are one step closer to being real residents of Austin!

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