Flea Fest 2012

We “inherited” some “roommates” with our move. Fleas. Yes, The Bitch (not her real name) who lived here before us had a flea infestation she didn’t report. So, instead of treating the concrete the minute she moved out, they were only able to treat the new carpet that would become ours. I’ve researched far more […]

The Real Move

This whole move thing is becoming quite real. The new cat door came in. We tested it, their new stairs, and their new ramp-with-landing that we built. I’ll try to grab some pictures when we get them installed. We sold the washer and dryer to some friends. They have had their house back since 1-Feb, […]

Contract in Hand!

As of late Thursday night, we have secured a contract on our house! The buyer has a 7-day option period and 15 days to finish securing financing and then we are set to close on August 28th. While we are thrilled, we are also cautious. We both feel a little better, but will be thrilled […]