The Real Move

This whole move thing is becoming quite real.

  • The new cat door came in. We tested it, their new stairs, and their new ramp-with-landing that we built. I’ll try to grab some pictures when we get them installed.
  • We sold the washer and dryer to some friends. They have had their house back since 1-Feb, but are remodeling the bathroom before they move in on Saturday. So, we held on to them for a bit longer; they picked them up on Sunday evening.
  • E packed his desktop computer and took apart his desk.
  • I packed the pantry and laundry stuff.
  • We are making decisions about “order”, now. We put the stuff from our balcony storage by the door so they will be the first things to go on the truck from the apartment. We had to think this through because the movers are going to the big storage unit, first, where they will get stuff for both the new apartment (furniture) and stuff for the new garage. Then, they’ll come to the apartment to get more stuff for both places. Third stop is the new apartment and then they’ll finally drop off the last of it at the new garage. whew! It’s not quite as complex as “transition day” was when I advised tcamp, but it’s close.
  • I’ve had the “how did we fit all this stuff into this apartment” argument with myself at least three times.
  • I’ve “drowned” my phone two times this week: once with water and once with pomegranate juice. So far, it seems unharmed. (hope hope hope)
  • The cats are bipolar. Marble is curious about every little piece of wrapping and packing materials. Purrrrrl only wants to hide from it all.
  • Oh, and it wouldn’t be a big event in my life if I didn’t manage to get sick. I have whatever head cold type thing is floating around, so my breaks are for sinus washes and drugs. And, I have no voice.
  • I’ve only dug through one packed box (to find antiobiotics) and need to get back into one more (for super sticky notes), if I can.

We need to make one more trip to the storage unit to sort what goes into the apartment and what goes into the new garage. Except for that and the rest of the packing, I think we are ready.

OH! and the best news: Grandaddy is walking a little bit! I don’t know how much or how far since I can’t talk (rending the phone useless) but I’ve had two messages from Mama Bee about that. Oh So Exciting!


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