Flea Fest 2012

We “inherited” some “roommates” with our move. Fleas. Yes, The Bitch (not her real name) who lived here before us had a flea infestation she didn’t report. So, instead of treating the concrete the minute she moved out, they were only able to treat the new carpet that would become ours.

I’ve researched far more than I ever wanted to about fleas. I even talked to the County Entomologist. Almost everyone told me 10-14 days. The third guy from our pest control place was the only one who said 14-21 days. The vet tech said they could live as long as 8 months in a dormant state. (And that’s why sometimes people move into a house that’s been vacant and find fleas. They “woke” them from a type of hibernation.)

This is day 28 and we are just now seeing the effects of all our hard work (vacuuming every day, emptying/cleaning the vacuum every day, one full can of spray, two treatments of diatomaceous earth, & a homemade trap of a light hanging over a plate of water) and three professional treatments. At least they have mostly stayed in my office (knock-on-wood). The cats have Revolution, so every flea we’ve found on them has been dead. I don’t understand why we can’t just put Revolution on the carpet?

Anyway Flea Fest 2012 has kept us from unpacking my office as well as setting up a few other things around the apartment. It’s also keeping me from get much work done, never mind having anyone over.

At the moment, there is one flea in the trap I cleaned at ~4pm yesterday and two are biting me….that’s my signal to vacuum again. Have a happy flea-free weekend.

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